Madonna stirs debate with gay Muslim-Jewish photo

Pic: Facebook / Ziv Sade

Pic: Facebook / Ziv Sade

Madonna has stirred up controversy with an image of an intimate gay moment between a Muslim and a Jew.

The star posted the picture of the two men about to kiss on Instagram and Facebook, along with comment: “This image is 100% ❤ #rebelhearts”.

The post drew thousands of comments, some homophobic, for and against the image, with many debating the divisions between Israel and Palestine and Jews and Muslims.

One woman commented:”We Muslims dislike this picture please Madonna take care of your business and leave Palestinians alone you’re not a politician an what you do on stage won’t make Arabs forget about what Zionist made to Gaza and all Palestinians…”

The issue of the acceptance of sexual minorities by the two faiths also came to the fore.

“Hey, I’m gay and Muslim. You’re gonna kill me for that? Get real. I don’t mind having a Jewish boyfriend. It’s not his faith that concerns me. It’s how he treats me. And with that, I don’t agree all Jews are bad,” said a fan.

One man wrote: “I don’t understand all the ppl here say it’s not possible I’m Jewish from Israel my boyfriend is Arab Muslim and we live together for 3 years now!”

The photographer who created the image, Ziv Sade, also commented on the singer’s post, saying it was an honour for her to have used it.

He explained that the photo was intended to be a statement for “acceptance, freedom and new generation that is tired of wars, violence and see a better future.”

Sade added: “We are proud of making this photo, and this is our path to bring change, acceptance and happiness to this world.”

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