Doctor testifies about football official’s genitals in gay trial


ugandan_soccer_boss_genitals_testimony_gay_trialA former Uganda national football team official and club manager, Chris Mubiru, has had the state of his genitals discussed in his gay sex trial.

Mubiru was the subject of a 2012 “exposé” by the notoriously anti-gay Red Pepper tabloid, which published screen grabs it alleged were of a video of him having sex with a young footballer.

The story was splashed on its front page with the headline: “SMOKED OUT! Uganda Cranes boss nabbed sodomising players – Shocking pictures inside.”

Mubiru, who has denied the claims and insists that he’s never had gay sex, faces life imprisonment if found guilty, reports the Monitor.

Last week, Dr Francis Kajumba testified in court about a medical examination he conducted on the accused, requested by Mubiru’s lawyer, “to find out if he had ever used his [genitals] to forcefully commit sodomy acts.”

The doctor stated: “The lining of Mubiru’s genital was intact. I have ever examined some two victims of sodomy, so I have some experience in such cases. There was no darkening or change on foreskin, his anus had a normal tone so it would withhold stool and his HIV/Aids status was also negative.”

Genital and anal examinations are conducted, often forcibly, in various parts of the world where homosexuality is criminalised in order to “prove” if the accused has had anal sex. These procedures have not only been described as a form of torture by human rights groups but have also been denounced by medical groups as being inconclusive.

Mubiru, who has been charged with “having sexual intercourse with a male person against the order of nature,” has told the court that he had never met his accusers and alleged sexual partners until he saw them in court. He also claims a video presented in court had been doctored.

Gay sex is illegal in Uganda under colonial-era legislation, with penalties including life imprisonment.

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