15-year-old sets self on fire over gay teasing


india_boy_sets_self_on_fire_gay_teasingA teenager in India has set himself on fire after he was discovered being sexually intimate with another boy in a local park.

According to The Times of India, the 15-year-old, a top school student in the city of Agra, was “caught” by a neighbour who spread the word within the community.

The youth then became the subject of teasing and harassment, locking himself in his room for two days.

His father said that on Sunday “he suddenly ran outside the house” and “set himself afire by pouring diesel on himself.”

Engulfed in flames and screaming in agony, the boy was saved by neighbours and his family, who put out the fire.

He has been admitted to hospital with 40% burns, mainly on his legs and chest.

“He is unable to speak properly. The doctors say he is out of danger but I will only believe it when my son will talk to me,” said the father.

Homosexuality remains illegal in India, with penalties including life imprisonment.

In April last year, Mr Gay India went into hiding and was forced to drop out of the 2015 Mr Gay World contest after he and his family received threats from the community.

Shortly after, 23-year-old television actress Disha Ganguly committed suicide, reportedly because her family refused to accept her relationship with another woman.

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