Britain pledges £1 million to fight LGBT bullying


Britain pledges 1 million pounds to fight LGBT bullyingBritain’s Education Secretary and Minister for Equalities Nicky Morgan has announced new funding to tackle LGBT bullying in schools.

The government says it will allocate £1 million to fight the scourge in Britain. This is in addition to £2 million allocated to eight anti-LGBT bullying projects last year.

“Even a single child having their time at school blighted because of bullying is a tragedy,” said Morgan.

“That’s why as both Minister for Equalities and Secretary of State for Education I am determined to do all I can to consign homophobic and transphobic bullying to the dustbin of history.”

According to UK LGBT group Stonewall, over half of LGBT high school students have experienced homophobic bullying and nine out of ten have heard anti-gay language at school.

Ruth Hunt, Chief Executive of Stonewall, added: “We believe teaching young people about the importance of inclusivity and acceptance is the most powerful way we can fight homophobia, biphobia and transphobia.

“This Department for Education funding is crucial to this aim because it enables us to make connections with schools and colleges in communities we haven’t worked with yet, and to help them create inclusive environments where all their pupils, no matter who they are, are accepted and encouraged to reach their potential.”

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