How To Get Away With Murder star comes out as… straight!

Jack Falahee

Jack Falahee

After years of speculation, hunky How To Get Away With Murder actor Jack Falahee has finally revealed that he’s actually straight.

Falahee, who plays the role of gay law student Connor Walsh in the hit show, has previously refused to address his own sexuality; but that all changed this week.

In a series of Twitter posts on Tuesday, the 27-year-old star wrote: “While I’m not gay, on HTGAWM I play a character who’s in an interracial relationship with an HIV positive man.

“In the past I’ve declined to discuss my own sexuality in an attempt to try and dismantle the closet. Opponents to my ambiguous answers to questions surrounding my sexuality argued the importance of visibility.”

He went on to admit that, despite his good intentions, “Ultimately I think my stance has been unhelpful in the fight for equality.”

Falahee continued: “I Feel that I’ve sacrificed my ability to support the community for a more theoretical discussion about sexuality. Now more than ever, I want to offer my support to the community as an ally.”

He explained that he decided to be open about his sexuality after watching the US election results that saw Donald Trump win the presidency.

How To Get Away With Murder

In How To Get Away With Murder

“By the end of the night a friend of mine, who is gay, was sitting on the floor under a table crying.”

In response, Falahee promised to become more involved in activism and to support LGBT and other human rights groups.

He also committed himself “to stand up to discrimination and hate” and “to protect the rights of those threatened by the President elect”.

A big up to Falahee! We think it’s awesome that he’s not only come out as straight – but also as a proud LGBT ally.

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