Jozi Cats to kick off “Big Gay Rugby Tour” through South Africa


jozi-cats-to-kick-off-big-gay-rugby-tour-of-south-africaThe Jozi Cats, Africa’s first gay and inclusive competitive rugby club, is going on tour through South Africa to blow the whistle on homophobia in sport – and they need your help!

The club has launched a crowdfunding video campaign (see below) to raise funds to make the first-of-its-kind tour, from Johannesburg to Cape Town, a reality.

The tour aims to shine the spotlight on the issue of homophobia in sport, while at the same time inspiring other LGBTQI communities to start their own gay and inclusive rugby clubs, one of the Jozi Cats’ key values.

“Sport is one of the last few pockets of our social fabric where homophobia is tolerated and socially acceptable,” explains Jozi Cats Vice-Chairman, Anthony Seger.

“A professional athlete should be recognised for their mastery and commitment to their craft and not discriminated against for their sexual identity. In the same vain professional athletes often serve as role models that the youth and fans alike, aspire to follow in their footstep or emulate them as a hero and bigotry should not be tolerated,” says Seger.

“It certainly does not meet the Jozi Cats standard of the value of good sportsmanship or mutual and self respect and we have decided to speak up about it and take bold action,” he adds.

The tour includes “Big Gay Rugby Day” Touch Clinics in Port Elizabeth, Plettenberg Bay and Khayelitsha, a tour fundraiser at La Paz Mexican Restaurant in Knysna and a Touch Rugby Tournament in Cape Town with local gay rugby club, BLIGHT as well as the newly formed Stellenbosch gay rugby club, steLGBTouch.

Jozi Cats was launched in May with a provocative recruitment campaign using gay stereotypes that made headlines around the world.

There’s not much time left to help – the tour kicks off on the 9th of the December and runs until the 16th. Donations to the club can be made via or on their website,

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