Lesedi FM’s Chomane Chomane apologises for homophobic remarks


Chomane Chomane (Pic: Lesedi FM)

Popular Lesedi FM presenter Chomane Chomane has apologised on air for his recent comments that offended members of the LGBTI community.

Zenny Kgolokwane, from the LGBTI group Free State Rainbow Seeds, lodged a complaint with the radio station after she heard Chomane ask a gay man who would “play the woman role” if he was in a relationship.

The man had phoned in to take part in the morning show’s “Motho mpe motho” (hook me up) segment, in which listeners call in to find a date or a partner.

Kgolokwane argued that Chomane’s question and his reference to the man as “di gay” were offensive and perpetuated stereotypes about the LGBTI community.

On Wednesday morning, Chomane interviewed Kgolokwane on his show about the comments and admitted that he had been wrong and apologised.

“He was genuine,” Kgolokwane told Mambaonline. “He gave me an opportunity to explain what LGBTI stands for…” and “said he is sorry for saying something that the homosexual community found misleading, but he meant well.”

She added that Chomane admitted that “he needs to read more about the LGBTI”.

Kgolokwane believes that the controversy has ultimately been a positive one, becoming an opportunity to inform and educate Chomane’s large listenership about LGBTI issues and human rights.

“Our office and phones have been so busy with people calling in to seek advice and hear about our services,” she said after the interview. “Advocacy and more advocacy is needed in South Africa. People must stop saying a family is bewitched for having a homosexual child.”

Based in Bloemfontein, Lesedi FM is the fourth largest radio station in the country, with almost 3,5 million listeners.

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