Alabama narrowly rejects homophobic child abuse-accused Roy Moore


Roy Moore

Roy Moore, the bigoted anti-LGBTQ politician and disgraced former judge, has lost his Trump-supported bid to be elected as senator for the state of Alabama.

Democrat and former US Federal Prosecutor Doug Jones won the divisive and extremely tight poll, scoring 49.9% to 48.4% of the votes.

The result is a major blow to President Trump who publicly backed Moore and urged Alabamians to vote for the far-right Republican candidate.

Trump in essence argued that it would be better to have an alleged child abuser and extremist as senator rather than a Democrat.

Despite the state’s conservative values, allegations that Moore had sexually abused or pursued a number of women when they were under age appear to have ultimately sunk his campaign.

Significantly, this is the first time in ten years that a Democrat has been elected to a statewide position in Alabama.

Jones’ victory will come as a relief to the LGBTQ community. Moore is infamous for, while serving as Alabama’s Chief Justice, refusing to accept and uphold the US Supreme Court’s historic 2015 decision to legalise same-sex marriage.

This illegal stance led him to be suspended as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama in May 2016, his second time being thrown out of the position. In 2003, he was removed as Chief Justice after refusing a federal court’s order to remove a marble monument of the Ten Commandments he had installed in the lobby of the Alabama Judicial Building.

Moore also has ties to white nationalist, anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim groups and believes that Christian values should inform public policy.

“In rejecting avowed bigot Roy Moore, Alabama voters solidified once and for all that attacking and demonizing the LGBTQ community is a sure-fire way to get yourself beat on Election Day,” commented Human Rights Campaign (HRC) President Chad Griffin.

“Doug Jones’ victory in Alabama is monumental, and was made possible by the overwhelming and unprecedented, grassroots resistance of ordinary Alabamians against the politics of hate and division,” he said.

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