Egypt | Nine arrested for homosexuality


Egypt’s crackdown against the LGBTQ community shows no sign of abating as nine men are arrested for homosexuality in Alexandria.

According to Egypt Independent, the men were detained on Monday on charges of “debauchery” and “homosexual activity” following a raid on a private apartment.

Head of the Alexandria Security Directorate, Mustafa al-Nimr, reportedly called their behavior a threat to public security.

The authorities conducted the raid after neighbors complained of “weird” young men often visiting the apartment.

“Subsequent investigations indicated that a real estate agent rented the apartment months ago, and used it to host group-sex parties,” said the website.

The latest onslaught against LGBTQ Egyptians began when dozens were arrested for waving rainbow flags at a music concert featuring Lebanese band Mashrou’ Leila in Cairo on 22 September, last year.

This led to a homophobic campaign by the local media, which published several pieces across news and social media platforms inciting hate speech against members of the LGBTQ community.

Dozens are reported to have been arrested in the ensuing clampdown. In November, 17 people were sentenced to three years in jail.

While homosexuality is not currently specifically outlawed in Egypt, LGBTQ people are targeted and jailed through “immorality” and public indecency laws.

This could soon change for the worse. On 25 October 2017, MP Reyad Abdulsattar Hassan from the Free Egyptians Party proposed a new law that would further oppress LGBTQ people.

The proposed law seeks to criminalise homosexual relationships, incitement of homosexual relationships, advertising of homosexual parties or gatherings as well as the displaying of symbols or signs associated with homosexuality.

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