At it again! Israel Folau is trying to ‘save’ gay people


Homophobic Wallabies rugby star Israel Folau can’t seem to control his obsession with ‘saving’ gay people as he shares yet another religious anti-gay post

On Monday, the 29-year-old tweeted a video to his 123,000 followers featuring a sermon by the late American evangelist David Wilkerson, titled, “It’s time to get right with God.”

In the clip, Wilkerson states that, “We are living in a time of unprecedented greed, rampant inequity, sexual perversions beyond description…”

The audio is accompanied by footage of people waving rainbow flags at Pride events and LGBT rights activists protesting faith based bigotry. There is also a shot of the White House illuminated by rainbow colours.

Wilkerson says in the sermon that when he asked God what to say to gay rights protesters the Lord’s response was that he should “preach your message on hell…” The preacher also condemns “tolerance towards same-sex marriage…”

Folau wrote alongside the video: “With great love i wanted to share this video in the hope that people watch it and think about it. Jesus is coming back soon and he wants us to turn to him through repentance and baptism in the name of Jesus Christ (Acts 2:38) please don’t harden your heart.”

When he was called out about his homophobia, Folau appeared confused as to why LGBT people are not applauding him for trying to ‘help’ them.

@IloveChrist32 tweeted to Folau: “@IzzyFolau I love you my brother of Christ but you need to act like a real Christian without the Judgement only god can not man kind but I respect you my bro But it’s time to time what you doing and apologise to those you upset in the Christian community and the LGBT community.”

Folau responded: “Warning people of eternal punishment if they continue to live in their sin isn’t judgmental. It’s called love, i won’t apologise for believing and following the word of God. May God open your eyes to what a true believer is. God bless!”

Folau sparked outrage around the world last month when he said on Instagram that gay people would go to hell, “unless they repent their sins and turn to God.”

Despite being in violation of Rugby Australia’s policies on inclusion and the use of social media, as well as calls for a sponsor boycott, the organisation announced that Folau was a “role model” and would not have to account for his words.

It’s time that Folau understands that we neither need nor want his brand of hate-based “love”.

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