Britney Spears bashed by both LGBTQ community and homophobes


Pic: Britney Spears / Twitter

Britney Spears is accused of exploiting the LGBTQ community to sell her new perfume while also being criticised by bigots for “promoting” homosexuality.

The 36-year-old singer performed for a record-breaking 60,000 revellers at Brighton Pride in the UK on the weekend. Following the performance, Britney posted a tweet in support of the LGBTQ community while also urging her fans to buy her new unisex perfume, Prerogative.

“Loved seeing so many people out celebrating diversity and inclusion for #pride here in the UK!” she said. “Having the freedom to be who you want to be is so important, which is why we made Prerogative, a fragrance for ALL!! Check it out exclusively at @BootsUK #MyPrerogative”

Some were not impressed and accused the star of exploiting Pride in order to sell her perfume. Alex Marlow reacted: “PRIDE IS A PROTEST – NOT PERFUME PRODUCT PLACEMENT. Lil reminder that there’s still around 74 countries where it’s illegal to be LGBTQ (to just EXIST), and about 10 countries with the death penalty for LGBTQ people.”

Drag performer Jodie Harsh agreed: “Wow, this is bleak. I love a Britney moment, but I don’t think the Stonewall Riots took place to help a popstar sell some p*** water at Boots.”

Britney had earlier also promoted another of her perfumes, a ‘Pride’ version of the fragrance Fantasy. At least a small portion, around 2.5%, of the sales of this special edition will be donated to the American LGBTQ media organisation, GLAAD.

And while Britney was under fire from members of the LGBTQ community, a homophobic conservative group also came to the party. The Facebook community page 1,000,000 Supporting Traditional Marriage, called for a boycott of the singer.

Members of the 150,964 strong page took the opportunity to attack Britney and LGBTQ people with a series of brutally homophobic posts about her Pride edition of Fantasy. Larry Leffew, wrote “Essence of HIV?” while Jared Austin, added: “Anything to earn more money and reclaim some of that limelight. Perfume to celebrate sodomy! Awful.”

In April, Britney was honoured by GLAAD with its Vanguard Award in recognition for having “made a significant difference in promoting equality and acceptance of LGBTQ people”.

The star is now in Europe for a limited tour of her Piece Of Me show that she’s been performing in Las Vegas for the past few years.

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