SA rapper Riky Rick slams anti-gay troll


Riky Rick / Twitter

South African rapper Riky Rick has hit back at a homophobic Twitter troll who asked if he was gay for liking a picture of a male fashion model.

Rick, who has almost a million followers on Twitter, on Monday posted the photo of the model wearing an outfit by MaXhosa Africa on the runway.

He commented alongside the image, “BEAUTIFUL,” together with a heart emoji.

The post led Breezy 1 Man (@chris_mcbreezy) from Zimbabwe to respond: “Are you gay now? how can you say a guy is beautiful? how ironic….”

Rick was not amused and in turn reacted to the homophobic questions: “Calling a guy beautiful is gay???? GROW UP!!!! QUICKLY TOO!!!! The world is gonna leave you behind.”

Rick is known for his love of fashion and on-point sense of style. Last year he was even invited to the Gucci Fall Winter 2017 show in Italy. He was also recently nominated for a Feather Award in the category of Best Styled Male.

In 2015, the KZN-born star was called ‘gay’ as an attempted insult after he modeled for a Destiny Man photoshoot wearing turbans and edgy headgear.

At the time, Rick responded: “We need to open our minds people. To be called ‘gay’ for wearing something that has been there since the beginning of black culture is a bad sign of where we are as a people.”

He added: “For some of those who dont know any better, you can still learn. But some of you have learnt and have no excuse to share such a high level of ignorance…”

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