Cedric Fourie & Lasizwe celebrate their controversial bromance

Pic: Lasizwe / Twitter

Skeem Saam star Cedric Fourie and gay vlogger Lasizwe are causing a stir with a new photoshoot that’s cementing their very public bromance.

The two, who appear to be the best of friends, first got tongues wagging when they were photographed arriving together on the red carpet at the Feather Awards in November,

They were all loved up – arm in arm and holding hands – leading to speculation that a surprise romance was afoot. It appears, however, that the two are just close friends, with Cedric a self-described LGBTQ ally (he also told Drum that he was not a member of the LGBTQ community).

The often homophobic responses to those Feather Awards posts saw Cedric clapping back at one woman who commented on Twitter that being gay is “a waste”.

The duo have now got social media talking once again after they posted images from what appears to be a new photoshoot. Wearing matching pink shirts and light blue jeans, the boys are having fun showing off their love for one another.

On Instagram, Cedric unabashedly re-affirmed his support for the LGBTQ community when commenting on the pics. “BFF – my name is Cedric Anthony Fourie and I believe we should live in a world where people’s identities and sexualities do not define how we interact with them. Let’s spread love,” he said.

One image shows Cedric playfully picking up Lasizwe while another has Lasizwe picking up the hunk in turn. “I may be a small man but I can DAMN pick up a whole muscle man! Spread Love and pick up your man,” commented Lasizwe playfully.

Some are accusing the two of baiting and “misleading” the public with a ‘faux’ romance, clearly not comfortable with the ambiguity that the men are bringing to the table. “Lord, Our boyfriends have boyfriends,” said one woman, while another wrote, “Continue to confuse us, we are ur maths learners…”

As for us, we love it. We welcome this fun celebration of man-to-man affection and friendship that subverts traditional masculine sexual boundaries and identities. You go, boys!

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