Singer Craig Lucas recounts terrifying robbery


Craig Lucas shot to fame after winning the Voice South Africa in 2017

Out and proud singer-songwriter Craig Lucas has revealed that he feared for his life during a harrowing roadside robbery in Cape Town.

On Wednesday, Lucas took to Instagram to open up about the incident which unfolded on Poplar Avenue when he stopped his car due to a flat tire.

As Lucas attempted to address the issue, another car pulled up in front of him.

“I thought they were coming to help. Instead, they robbed me. They had a gun and the one guy told the other to shoot me as they were making off. I begged him not to shoot me and thank God he didn’t,” the musician said.

The assailants drove off with Lucas’s phone, prompting him to warn anyone receiving messages from his number in the next 24 to 48 hours to exercise caution.

He went on to express his gratitude for the outpouring of concern and support from friends, fans, and fellow musicians.

“God showed me mercy, and I’m thankful.”

“I’m alright,” Lucas said. “Have short little bursts of really bad anxiety and then I’m ok again. I think my antidepressant and anxiety meds are helping to regulate my mood and I will talk to my psych about it too. I’m really, really grateful they didn’t hurt me. In that moment I wasn’t even thinking about dying, but was worried about how sore it would be.”

He added: “They were high, and weren’t thinking straight so I was sure he would shoot. I guess it wasn’t my time… God showed me mercy, and I’m thankful.”

Craig Lucas rose to fame by winning the second edition of the Voice South Africa in 2017 with his emotive, soulful voice and vocal range. Since then, he has released an album and several successful singles.

In 2018, he came out in an emotional and inspiring open letter to his family, friends and fans. He’s also been open about his struggles with stage fright, anxiety and depression.

“Me writing and posting that letter was mostly about me taking ownership of myself – my sexuality, my mental health and my music,” he told MambaOnline in an interview at the time.

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