CT hate pastor Oscar Bougardt says LGBTQ people to blame for coronavirus

Pastor Oscar Bougard

Pastor Oscar Bougardt

It’s no surprise that South African hate pastor Oscar Bougardt is joining other religious bigots around the globe in asserting that the LGBTQ community has brought the coronavirus down upon the world.

In a series of Facebook posts ahead of the country’s 21-day lockdown, Bougardt – who is facing possible jail time because of his 2018 hate speech conviction – claimed that God is punishing an immoral world through the pandemic.

“In my opinion this pestilence called Covid 19 aka Caronavirus is the wrath of God upon this wicked world,” wrote Bougardt on Tuesday.

He continued: “Our governments are wicked, disturbing Gods order by allowing and legalizing same sex marriages, and homosexuality than we think God are happy with us. Well while we at it, going into a 21 day lockdown see how many same sex couple will be able to procreate and how many heterosexual couples will come out expecting babies. A big zero to same sex couples, they cannot procreate even if the government put them in 21 day lockdown, they are disturbing the order of God.”

The Christian preacher earlier commented on the postponement of numerous LGBTQ events, such as the Pink Loerie Festival, Mr Gay World 2020 and Free State Pride.

“Caronavirus [sic] has it bad side and it has it good side. Good side all sodomite gatherings and events has been cancelled,” he gleefully asserted.

Bougardt is not alone in his views, with other religious leaders also laying the blame for the Covid-19 pandemic on the queer community.

In Ghana, the Muslim Mission lashed out against LGBTQ people in a statement issued on the country’s national day of prayer and fasting for Allah’s intervention against the coronavirus.

“It is important for us to acknowledge our sins against the world especially the most abominable acts such as homosexuality, lesbianism, transgender, destruction of water bodies and forests,” said the mission’s Chairman, Sheikh Dr Amin Bonsu.

American evangelical pastor Ralph Drollinger, who leads a weekly Bible study group for President Trump’s cabinet, added his two cents on the matter.

In a blog post titled Is God Judging America Today? Drollinger appeared to suggest that those with “a proclivity toward lesbianism and homosexuality” – along with environmentalists and atheists – are to blame for the global crisis.

These views may or may not be shared by two other well-known homophobic religious leaders in South Africa: Both pastor Angus Buchan and African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) leader, Reverend Kenneth Meshoe are reported to be infected with Covid-19.

To stay up to date on coronavirus-related news, visit the official SA government (data free) coronavirus resource website at https://coronavirus.datafree.co.

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