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New Afrikaans YA novel breaks ground with first-ever lesbian main character: A newly released local young adult novel is breaking new ground by featuring a lesbian main character – a first for this genre in Afrikaans.
Beyoncé | 5 ways in which Queen Bey’s been the ultimate LGBTQI ally: Beyoncé is one of the LGBTQ community's most influential and adored divas. Here are five times Queen Bey's used her platform to show her support for our inclusion, equality and celebration.
How queer culture flourished a century ago: While the march to LGBTQIA+ equality has been a slow one, we often forget that there have been eras in which queer culture was surprisingly vibrant.
Lasizwe’s Covid videos will give you something to laugh about despite the pandemic: South Africans are known for their sense of humour in challenging times. For a laugh, here's a collection of YouTube star Lasizwe Dambuza's satirical pandemic videos.
Inxeba Lam aims to name the wounds so they can start to heal: A new campaign called Inxeba Lam is thought to be one of the first South African initiatives highlighting the deep damage caused by conversion therapy.
Study finds LGBTQ inclusion in media doesn’t only speak to its rainbow audience: A new study has shown that LGBTQ affirming media doesn't just connect to the target audience, but also make a genuine difference in the opinion of people who are not LGBTQI+.
The struggles of lesbian parents using sperm donors: Lesbian parents in South Africa may face legal challenges and expenses not experienced by opposite-sex parents. So is it justified red tape or is it homophobic discrimination?
Little Richard’s larger-than-life queer legacy: When Little Richard died on 9 May at age 87, the artist was hailed for the innovative role he played in the development of a host of genres, ranging from R&B, gospel and soul to perhaps most famously, rock and roll.
Is LGBTQI+ visibility still important during a pandemic?: There simply isn’t a part of our lives that has not been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. So is LGBTQI+ visibility still important during a global pandemic?
Masturbation Month: 6 reasons why self-love is good for you: “May has come and so should you”, proclaims the official Masturbation Month website; a message that has special resonance during this era of social distancing and coronavirus lockdowns.