This hunky Isidingo character just came out as gay (Watch)


Thabang, the new hunky character on Isidingo, revealed that he’s gay in Wednesday night’s episode of the popular soap series.

Played by Pretoria-based actor Pholoso Mohlala, Thabang was recently introduced on the show as the son of one of the miners at Horizon Deep.

His friend, Matlatla, has been trying to convince him to find girls to have fun with, but Thabang has been uninterested.

Convinced that’s because he’s having problems with his “equipment”, Matlatla went on to offer him herbs that he says will help him “perform”.

Only later do viewers realise why Thabang isn’t that keen on meeting girls at the local bar. In one scene he’s shown talking on the phone with another friend, complaining that the guys at Horizon Deep are “boring”.

He confides: “I want a guy with a good physique. Good physique, good looks and a mind to match. Someone I can have a proper conversation with.”

It remains to be seen what will happen when he, presumably, comes out to Matlatla and his father.

Isidingo Publicist Sumaya Petersen-Mogola told Mambaonline that Thabang’s sexuality is part of the show’s ethos of trying “to portray stories that are as real life as possible”.

But will he stay or disappear from the show after a few weeks? Petersen-Mogola said that Thabang’s story arc is “for now” intended to be a short one.

When asked if the show would consider having a longer-lasting LGBT character, she replied: “Maybe, but we can’t say for sure right now. It all depends what’s decided on story wise.”

Isidingo has a long history of including gay and bisexual characters since it premiered 19 years ago on SABC 3. It went on to feature the first gay male kiss and the first same-sex wedding shown on South African television.

Other local soap series have also been LGBT inclusive. 7de Laan recently made news with its own gay smooch and the addition of a transgender character.

Watch Thabang’s coming out below (starting at 10.50).

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