WQMD – Pronouns, Identities, Expressions and You


We’re Queer my Dear (WQMD) – the acclaimed, informative, and empowering LGBTIQA+ online web series – returns for its third season.

As members of our community increasingly come into their own skin, awareness about people’s pronouns has become an everyday consideration. It can, however, sometimes become overwhelming and confusing for those close to us. So how do we navigate and help them to adjust and acknowledge us correctly?

Finding your identity/expression or orientation and what pronouns best reflect these is a journey in itself and doesn’t happen overnight. This episode We speak to reality TV stars Sis Tamara (Big Brother Mzanzi) and Yahto Kraft (The Voice SA) about their journeys and experiences in their ultimate discovery of self!

WQMD is hosted by a proudly LGBTIQA+ trio: top South African drag artist, activist, performer and entrepreneur Shenay O’Brien; actor, presenter, beatboxer and activist, Tina Redman; and entrepreneur, designer, and brand developer, Jodi Deerling.

Watch Season 3 Ep 9 below.

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