WQMD – Are Queer Pageants Still Relevant in SA?


We’re Queer my Dear (WQMD) – the acclaimed, informative, and empowering LGBTIQA+ online web series – returns for its third season.

Are queer pageants in South Africa still relevant today, and what significance do they have for those who take part in them? With recent controversies between some participants and organisers of a prominent queer pageant, the WQMD team speak to former title-holder Louw Breytenbach.

He opens up about his experiences, what happens behind the scenes, and the way forward for these organisations to make their roles and work more impactful, inclusive and uplifting.

WQMD was created by top South African drag artist, activist, performer and entrepreneur Shenay O’Brien (Producer) and Jennis Williamson (Director) in 2019 and is presented on MambaOnline.com – South Africa’s leading LGBTQ news platform.

The show is hosted by a proudly LGBTIQA+ trio: Shenay, of course; actor, presenter, beatboxer and activist, Tina Redman; and entrepreneur, designer, and brand developer, Jodi Deerling.

Watch Season 3 Ep 5 below.

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