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Elections 2019 | What the top political parties promise on LGBTIQ rights: Cast your 'pink vote' wisely! Ahead of the 8 May elections, here is a guide to what the election manifestos of five of the top political parties in South Africa say about LGBTIQ+ equality.
So is gaydar a real thing?: We’ve all been there. You’re wandering the mall, when your eye catches theirs and you just kind of know that they must be queer. So how real is what we call, ‘gaydar’?
Here are the top queer South African celebrities and entertainers: Local LGBTQ celebs are increasingly open about their identity, but it wasn't always so. Here's our list of the top past and present queer South African celebrities and entertainers.
Do it like they do on the Discovery Channel: homosexuality in nature: The argument that homosexual behaviour is an unnatural sex act is a denouncement that is popular among many opponents of same-sex marriage and LGBTQ rights.  So how common is homosexuality in nature?
Here are the top queer Oscar winning films of all time: How many have you seen? In the run-up to the 2019 Academy Awards on 24 February, here are some of the most important queer Oscar winning or nominated films.
What is the actual value of LGBTQI+ consumers?: The value of the Pink Rand is an oft-discussed topic, but the actual value of a community united under the rainbow flag may be much more than mere rands and cents.
Is the end of toxic masculinity in sight?: Toxic masculinity is today usually associated with its impact on women, but the term had its origins in how this kind of behaviour also deeply damages men themselves.