End of the bromance? SA’s own gay hate pastor miffed by Anderson’s deportation


Two peas in a pod

South African anti-LGBT preacher Oscar Bougardt has complained about the deportation of Steven Anderson after he travelling all the way to Botswana to share their hateful views.

Before he left for Gaborone, an excited Bougardt told Daily Voice at the airport that South Africa’s ban on Anderson was “an attempt of the Devil to stop the true Word of God being preached in SA”.

He added that the US evangelist was put “on trial, found guilty and sentenced without being in the country, not by government, but by homosexuals”.

On arrival in Gaborone on Monday, Bougardt claims he was greeted at the airport by Anderson. “He paid for my flight and accommodation at a hotel after he invited me to Botswana as his guest,” the Cape Town preacher revealed.

The two men apparently chatted for about 40 minutes and intended to meet further after Anderson’s interview on the Gabzfm radio station the next day. However, their blossoming bromance was nipped in the bud when the American hate-monger was arrested at the radio station and deported.

“At 1pm while I sat in the foyer at the hotel, I saw the news that he was being deported,” a mournful Bougardt said.

After returning to Cape Town, he further wrote on Facebook about the deportation: “We are really living in the end times, this is evident in the way governments is [sic] treating servants of God.”

He explained: “It is in the power of any government to deport any person, or block any person from entering a country, even arresting and detaining a person for preaching the Gospel. One thing that’s not in the power of any government, that is to stop the truth from reaching the people.”

Bougardt described the deportation as “very sad” and insisted that Anderson’s disastrous southern African trip (which saw his barely-opened Botswana church shut down) was still a success.

“To the LGBTI community, your action did more good than harm, your obsession helped spread the true Word through media and social media,” said Bougardt.

In an August 2014 settlement order signed with the Equality Court in Bloemfontein, Bougardt was “interdicted from publishing statements that are discriminatory or incite hatred or harm on the grounds of sexual orientation”.

He defiantly contravened the order and went on to make more hateful anti-LGBT statements on Mambaonline. In September 24, 2015, for example, he wrote: “We need Isis to come to countries who are homosexual friendly. Isis. Please come rid South Africa of homosexual curse.”

Further complaints against Bougard, who continues to routinely comment on Mambaonline articles, have been laid with the SA Human Rights Commission.

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