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Everybody’s fave! Meet the multi-talented DJ Olwee: Olwethu Mlotshwa goes by the name 'Ms Party' on Twitter and in his bio he describes himself as "DJ, TV director, gay and One Big Festival". Many of us, however, know him as DJ Olwee.
Wade Schaerer – No shame about living with HIV: Meet Wade Schaerer, an inspiring HIV positive gay man who refuses to live a life defined by ignorance. He opens up to MambaOnline about coming out as positive to his mom and almost losing his job because of his status.
Funeka Soldaat – securing the legacy of black lesbians in townships: Funeka Soldaat, a Western Cape LGBTQ+ activist, recently published uHambo, an autobiography about her own and her community’s experiences of discrimination and hate.
Phumlani Kango: Flying the flag for the PrEP generation: With more than 20,000 followers, writer and content creator Phumlani Kango is using social media as a platform to promote the use of PrEP to men who have sex with men (MSM) in South Africa.
Meet Gyre, the rapper driving a queer hip hop revolution: Gyre is a cutting-edge queer rapper who’s challenging the status quo while adding new depth and diversity to the local hip-hop scene.
Our Voices | My mother knows I’m gay but is in denial: Many in the LGBTQIA+ community face rejection from family members who do not approve of who they are. Sindiso tells us about his painful struggle to be accepted by his mother.
My trans story | Becoming the man I always imagined myself to be: Twenty-one-year-old Lwazi Mbokazi is a proudly trans man from Durban who is not letting transphobia prevent him from living his authentic life.
This young queer entrepreneur from the EC won’t be deterred by homophobia: Starting a business can be quite challenging. It can be even more difficult for the queer entrepreneur who is marginalised or living in environments that constantly make them feel unwelcome.
As Told To | My abusive initiation experience still haunts me: "I felt so violated. So abused." Siyabonga, a gender non-conforming individual from the rural Eastern Cape, tells us about their traumatic initiation experience.
These 2 queer hip-hop presenters are changing perceptions: Khumalo and Mahlari are two openly queer hip-hop radio presenters who talked to us about making it in the traditional queerphobic hip-hop scene.