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Former Uganda football club boss guilty of sodomy: Former Uganda national football team official and club manager Chris Mubiru has been found guilty
Malawi reverses gay marriage referendum comments:
Malawi’s President Mutharika
The Malawian government has “clarified” comments made by President
Drag performer makes a splash on Idols South Africa:
Shenay O’Brien
Drag artist Shenay O’Brien has made history after she sang her way
Anti-gay clerk Kim Davis appeals her jailing:
Kim Davis was taken into custody on Thursday
The group defending American anti-gay marriage clerk Kim Davis
LGBT group lauds late “same-sex marriage” Con Court Justice:
Justice Thembile Skweyiya (Pic:
Justice Thembile
Malawi to hold referendum on gay marriage:
Malawi’s President Mutharika
In a surprising move, Malawi’s president has announced that the country’s
Kim Davis jailed over refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses:
Kim Davis was taken into custody on Thursday
A judge has jailed Rowan County
Vatican: Transgender people can’t be godparents: The Roman Catholic Church says it will not allow transgender people to become godparents.
Release seven men jailed for ‘acts against nature’ in sham trial: Human Rights Watch has urged the Senegalese government to release seven
Hypocrisy of anti-gay clerk’s religious “values” laid bare:
Kim Davis imposes selective morality on others
The woman who’s
Passing soldier saves gay man from mob in Ghana:
Ghanaian music promoter Kinto Rothmans was a victim of an anti-gay mob in February
A gay man has been saved
Concern as Maldives cracks down on gay men:
A beach in the Maldives
There’s been a worrying report that police in the Maldives have arrested two men
“Nauseated” anti-gay ACDP politician accused of fueling violence:
ACDP MPL Ferlon Christians (Facebook)
A Western Cape politician, who
Watch: Disbelief and anger as county clerk defies court orders:
Defiantly bigoted: Kim Davis (Pic: WKYT)
Setting herself up as a martyr for her
First lesbian film to be screened to the public in Zimbabwe:
A scene from My Name is Rose
In what producers say is a first, a South African lesbian
Anti gay marriage county clerk loses… again:
Kim Davis
The US Supreme Court has told Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis that she cannot refuse to serve
Western Cape politician says gay sex is “nauseating”:
ACDP MPL Ferlon Christians (Facebook)
A member of the Western Cape Provincial
Miley Cyrus says she’s pansexual, releases 23 free new songs: Pop star Miley Cyrus has not only come out as pansexual, but also dominated
Singing rugby star comes out:
Sam Stanley
The rugby closet is slowly opening in the UK as Sam Stanley becomes the first English professional union player to tell
“Happy Birthday” to Cape Town’s missing Dutch gay man:
Frank Kater
The desperate family of a Dutch gay man who’s been missing