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Queer life | Mourning the end of a friendship: As queer people, often living our lives far from our families, we tend to make friendships that ultimately come to resemble family.
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Gay dating | Facing the demons that prevent us from finding love: Gay dating is hard enough thanks to homophobia and heteronormativity, so why do we make it even harder, asks Motlatsi Motseoile.
Motlatsi Motseoile | What does IDAHOBIT mean to me?: As we mark IDAHOBIT, the past few weeks have been filled with trauma and conversations about our safety as queer people in South Africa.
Opinion | Would I be me, if I wasn’t gay?: Motlatsi Motseoile writes about how being gay left him with no choice but to be excellent so as to be heard, respected and afforded the space to exist.
Gay life | What it’s like being the other man: Whatever the real or perceived morality of being in an extramarital affair, these relationships continue to happen. So what's it like being the "other man?, asks"
Opinion | Let 2021 be the year of enlightened and shame-free queer sex: Motlatsi Motseoile hopes that in this new year we'll normalise talking about and enjoying enlightened and shame-free queer sexuality.
Opinion | Do queer celebrities owe us good role modelling?: Should queer celebrities like Somizi Mhlongo be expected to be role models or are we demanding too much from public figures?
Opinion | Would Simon Nkoli be proud of where we are today?: As we celebrate Pride in South Africa, Motlatsi Motseoile reflects on the memory of Simon Nkoli; one of the figures behind the first Pride march in Africa.