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Opinion | Let 2021 be the year of enlightened and shame-free queer sex: Motlatsi Motseoile hopes that in this new year we'll normalise talking about and enjoying enlightened and shame-free queer sexuality.
Opinion | Do queer celebrities owe us good role modelling?: Should queer celebrities like Somizi Mhlongo be expected to be role models or are we demanding too much from public figures?
Opinion | Would Simon Nkoli be proud of where we are today?: As we celebrate Pride in South Africa, Motlatsi Motseoile reflects on the memory of Simon Nkoli; one of the figures behind the first Pride march in Africa.
Gay dating | Reflecting on our love lives during lockdown: The dramatic impact of the lockdown on our social lives has led to many discussions about reassessing the nature and face of dating, especially among gay men.
Opinion | Are LGBTQ people responsible for the queerphobia they face?: Our lives are performed in a predatory chase and we, LGBTQ people, are prey. So should we change who and what we are to avoid society's queerphobia, asks Motlatsi Motseoile?
Opinion | All hail the ‘ultra-sensitive’ and woke generation: Cancel culture has come under fire recently, but for Motlatsi Motseoile the woke generation is getting it right; making it clear that there is no space for hate in our world.
Two LGBTQ couples in the time of Covid-19: The Covid-19 lockdown has challenged many of our relationships. MambaOnline spoke to two LGBTQ couples who shared some of their experiences during this difficult period.
Gay dating | The politics of love and attraction for gay men: The politics of gay dating... It’s a topic we should never tire of challenging. Are you fem? Are you straight acting? Are you discreet? Are you out? Are you a man or a sis’bhuti? These are questions that are asked every day. 
Lockdown | LGBTQ people facing unemployment and financial ruin: As South Africa continues to battle with ever-increasing confirmed COVID-19 cases, there are growing numbers of LGBTQ people who are deeply uncertain about their financial future. 
Opinion | We need older gay men to be visible: Do older gay men exist? The media has often been accused of painting a picture of eternal youth and uber sex appeal when it comes to the representation of gay men.