Study finds LGBTQ inclusion in media doesn’t only speak to its rainbow audience: A new study has shown that LGBTQ affirming media doesn't just connect to the target audience, but also make a genuine difference in the opinion of people who are not LGBTQI+.
EFF apologises to LGBTQI+ South Africans for members voting against Civil Union Amendment Bill: In an extraordinary turn of events, the EFF has apologised after three of its members in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) voted against the Civil Union Amendment Bill.
A plea for LGBTQ+ lives to mark World Refugee Day: "We live in a no man's land, stalked by hunger and fear." LGBTQ asylum seeker Anold Mulaisho speaks out to mark World Refugee Day.
Indonesia | No murder charges for men who burned trans woman alive: In what appears to be an appalling miscarriage of justice, six men who set a transgender woman on fire in Indonesia will not be tried for murder.
Story of straight couple’s gay porn empire coming to Netflix: Circus of Books, a startling documentary about the double life of a straight Jewish couple who secretly ran a gay porn empire for more than three decades is coming to Netflix.
GALA: Documenting queer history and biography for future generations: Our past gives us insight into who we are and where we are going. Angie Gallagher looks at GALA, South Africa's queer archive which aims to preserve our LGBTQ+ history for future generations.
Lockdown | Free queer-friendly counselling support: The national lockdown not only affects us physically but also has the potential to have a huge mental and psychological impact, especially for vulnerable individuals like members of the LGBTQ community.
Outrage as Hungary moves to ban trans gender identity changes: The government of Hungary is targeting transgender people with a bill that aims to block citizens from being able to change their gender marker after birth.
PTA trans women locked out of insurance payout: A transgender woman has experienced one of the many challenges involved in updating the gender marker in her identity documents.
The 200-year-old farmer’s diary that’s rewritten LGBTQ history: You may have assumed that many of the arguments supporting same-sex love and sexuality are relatively modern ones, but a newly discovered farmer's diary from 1810 has shown that's definitely not the case.
Boer Soek ’n Vrou’s Damian lashes out at homophobic Christians: Damian Engelbrecht, the first openly gay contestant on dating TV show Boer Soek ’n Vrou, says he wants nothing to do with Christianity after becoming the target of anti-gay religious bigotry.
Mr Gay World returns to South Africa’s Garden Route: After an alleged lack of support from Cape Town, Mr Gay World has announced that Mr Gay World 2020 will still be hosted in South Africa but in Nelson Mandela Bay and Knysna instead.
Deputy President: SA must “shut up” about Uganda’s gay death penalty bill: Speaking on Uganda's persecution of LGBTIQ people, South Africa's Deputy President David Mabuza says that the country should not seek to impose its beliefs on others.
Scientists discover that famous ‘Lovers of Modena’ were men: The ancient skeletons known as the "Lovers of Modena" who were found holding hands and presumed to be a man and woman have turned out to be those of men.
Imagine Dragons condemn conversion therapy at Billboard Music Awards: American rock band Imagine Dragons used their win at the Billboard Music Awards to speak out for LGBTQ youth by condemning conversion therapy.
Transgender woman speaks out after horror mob attack video: A transgender woman has spoken of her pain and humiliation after she was attacked by a violent mob in the streets of Paris.
UN Human Rights Council backs Caster Semenya’s right to run: Spearheaded by South Africa, the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has condemned efforts to restrict the rights of athletes like Caster Semenya.
LGBTQ South Africans are standing up and making an impact: From Zanele Muholi to Caster Semenya, LGBTQ South Africans are among the country's most influential people, reveals two recent reports.
Gay genius Alan Turing named greatest person of 20th century: Alan Turing, the gay British mathematics genius who help create modern computing, has beaten out Nelson Mandela to be named the most iconic figure of the last century.
Most gay dads continue to face stigma for being parents: Being a parent is not easy but it's even harder for same-sex parents faced with an unfriendly community, says a new study of gay dads.