Hungary | Cynical anti-LGBTIQ referendum announced: Prime Minister Viktor Orbán says that Hungarians will be asked to vote on discriminating against LGBTIQ people with a biased referendum.
LGBTQ worse than Covid says Ghana Speaker of Parliament: Ghana's Speaker of Parliament backs an anti-LGBTQ bill, warning that advocating for LGBTQ equality is a pandemic" that's worse than Covid-19.
Triangle Project concerned by delayed hate crimes bill: Even as Pride Month comes to a close, gay people still find themselves the victims of bigoted speech and hate crimes in South Africa.
Queer Books: Touch & Robert Hamblin’s memoir: Two new SA non-fiction queer books are further expanding our insights into sexuality and gender by sharing authentic real-life experiences.
UEFA denies Euro 2020 rainbow stadium request because it’s “political”: UEFA has rejected a request to light up Munich's Allianz Arena soccer stadium in rainbow colours to protest Hungary's anti-LGBTIQ+ laws.
Yaya Mavundla celebrates her new ID number: Transgender reality TV personality Yaya Mavundla is celebrating being legally recognised as the woman she's always been but admits that being a celebrity made things easier.
Letter to Minister of Justice from National LGBTI Sector: On 14 May 2021, the LGBTI Sector sent a letter to the Minister of Justice confirming the deadline for answers to the sector's questions.
What is your romantic orientation?: Have you ever thought about your romantic orientation? And nope, it’s not always the same as the sexual orientation you identify with.
Outrage as Sizzlers massacre killer is considered for early parole: The sister of one of the victims of SAs worst queer mass killing, the Sizzlers massacre, is lobbying to stop his killer from being released.
Review: Mrs Simpsons – Style and substance: Fans of The Crown will know all about the inspiration behind Mrs Simpsons restaurant. Gavin Hayward reviews this Dullstroom landmark.
Eswatini LGBTI await crucial court ruling: The LGBTI community in Eswatini is waiting to hear if the nation's high court will order the government to finally register an LGBTI rights organisation.
Queer black activists occupy Cape Town holiday home: A group of "queer black and coloured activists from the working and middle class" are making waves by occupying an Airbnb luxury home in Cape Town.
This Nigerian lesbian love story is set to shake up Nollywood: Ìfé, an upcoming lesbian film, is set break new ground when it comes to LGBTQ representation in Nigeria but it is likely to be banned by the country's homophobic censors.
Global Diversity Pride Network aims to make LGBTQ+ community more inclusive: A new initiative called the Global Diversity Pride Network has been launched to include and empower LGBTQ+ people of colour and others who have been marginalised and excluded.
Study finds LGBTQ inclusion in media doesn’t only speak to its rainbow audience: A new study has shown that LGBTQ affirming media doesn't just connect to the target audience, but also make a genuine difference in the opinion of people who are not LGBTQI+.
EFF apologises to LGBTQI+ South Africans for members voting against Civil Union Amendment Bill: In an extraordinary turn of events, the EFF has apologised after three of its members in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) voted against the Civil Union Amendment Bill.
A plea for LGBTQ+ lives to mark World Refugee Day: "We live in a no man's land, stalked by hunger and fear." LGBTQ asylum seeker Anold Mulaisho speaks out to mark World Refugee Day.
Indonesia | No murder charges for men who burned trans woman alive: In what appears to be an appalling miscarriage of justice, six men who set a transgender woman on fire in Indonesia will not be tried for murder.
GALA: Documenting queer history and biography for future generations: Our past gives us insight into who we are and where we are going. Angie Gallagher looks at GALA, South Africa's queer archive which aims to preserve our LGBTQ+ history for future generations.
Lockdown | Free queer-friendly counselling support: The national lockdown not only affects us physically but also has the potential to have a huge mental and psychological impact, especially for vulnerable individuals like members of the LGBTQ community.