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Ethiopia | Religious leaders to offer LGBTQ conversion therapy: Citing the "escalating problem" of homosexuality, religious leaders in Ethiopia are planning to promote conversion therapy to "treat" LGBTQ people.
Another conversion therapy leader comes out as gay: McKrae Game, the founder of a leading American gay conversion therapy organisation, has come out and apologised for the harm he's done.
Science finds there’s not one gay gene but many: The largest-ever study of its kind has concluded that there is no single gay gene that makes a person gay and that many of them play a role.
Taylor Swift & Lil Nas X: LGBTQ community at the 2019 VMAs: Taylor Swift made a plea to support LGBTQ equality while openly gay rapper Lil Nas X also scored big at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards.
So what is internalised homophobia – and do I have it?: The phenomenon of internalised homophobia is becoming increasingly recognised as a barrier to LGBTQI health and happiness. So what is it and how do we deal with it?
LGBTI group sues Eswatini government: An LGBTI group in Eswatini (Swaziland) has filed a lawsuit against the government for refusing to register the organisation for months.
Homophobic jeweller Craig Marks threatens legal action against LGBTQ backlash: Craig Marks,  a defiant Cape Town jeweller who's refused to make an engagement ring for a same-sex couple, says that it's become the victim of hate speech from the LGBTQ community.
This is how Justice Edwin Cameron changed South Africa: Justice Edwin Cameron is one of South Africa’s most influential queer icons. As he prepares to step down from the Constitutional Court we look at how he has profoundly changed our country for the better.
Coca-Cola defiant over same-sex ads in Hungary: A series of Coca-Cola adverts promoting LGBTQ inclusion in Hungary has been attacked by conservatives, but the company won't back down.
SKEEF queer doccie to shine at kykNET Silwerskermfees 2019: Queer stories are set to shine at the kykNET Silwerskermfees 2019 film festival with Skeef: Die dokumentêr, a riveting local documentary about the realities of being LGBTI+ in South Africa.