SPINS: KATY PERRY, MILEY CYRUS, LORDE: The ladies are in the house! Jared Orlin reviews the latest releases from Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Lorde and
SPINS: CHER, JOHN LEGEND, JOHN MAYER & MORE: Jared Orlin reviews the latest releases from veteran diva and gay icon Cher, the oh-so-sexy John Legend,
Michael Douglas and Matt Damon
Michael Douglas and Matt Damon gleefully throw their heterosexuality to the wind as they take
REVIEW: JIMMY IN PIENK: Being different has never felt so right in this passionate and heartfelt film. Jimmy in Pienk is a delightfully charming Afrikaans film
REVIEW: HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE: This Oscar-nominated documentary about the birth of AIDS activism in America’s gay community is being screened at the Encounters Film Festival. It's a testament to the human spirit and a moving and inspirational call to action, writes Luiz De Barros.
REVIEW: LES MISERABLES: The grim and astonishingly-long 80's musical epic finally hits the big screen with an impressive cast, including Hugh Jackman, who go all-out to impress. So, is it worthy of the adulation and awards?
REVIEW: SNOWMAN: UJ's THATSOGAY theatre festival in Joburg kicked off with the international work, Snowman, by Canadian playwright, Greg MacArthur - a very unusual and meaty offering, writes Moira de Swardt.
REVIEW: MAGIC MIKE: Abuse and exploitation of women. Greed, envy and selfishness. Drug and alcohol abuse. Emasculation of men. If this is what you are looking for in entertainment, then Magic Mike will satisfy your demand, writes Daniel Dercksen.
REVIEW: THE QUIET VIOLENCE OF DREAMS: The Quiet Violence of Dreams is not a pretty story, writes Moira de Swardt. It's about Tshepo, who does drugs, spends time in a mental institution and becomes a rent boy in a gay massage parlour.
REVIEW: THE HUNGER GAMES: The Hunger Games phenomenon has been likened to the Twilight movies. The most obvious difference between these two franchises, however, is that The Hunger Games is actually a good movie.
REVIEW: SKOONHEID: This is no Leon Schuster family film outing… Skoonheid is a disturbing, insightful and extremely well-made film, confirming once-again that South African film really has come of age.
MAMMA MIA! REVIEW: The ABBA inspired musical, Mamma Mia!, is back on the Joburg stage. But if you’ve already watched the movie, is it worth shelling out your hard-earned cash to see it?
REVIEW: MARC LOTTERING – NOT IN 3D: Funny man Marc Lottering’s latest show, Not in 3D, is now on at Cape Town’s new On Broadway dinner theatre on Long Street.
REVIEW: CHLOE: Chloe, a call girl, is hired by gynaecologist Catherine Stewart to test her husband’s fidelity. The doctor soon becomes seduced by more than Chloe’s tales.
REVIEW: DOO BEE BOOBIES: If popular gay thought is to be believed, in South Africa in 2010 there’s no need for gay pride events, going to gay bars or even watching drag shows....
REVIEW: INCEPTION: Inception is a reality-shifting blockbuster starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a thief who, instead of stealing ideas from the mind, is tasked with implanting them.
REVIEW: THE TIMEKEEPERS: For a play set in one room and with only two main characters, The Timekeepers has an impressive sense of momentum and breadth.
REVIEW: I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS: Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor in a gay romcom? You'd better believe it. It's a pity that the gay themes will likely sink this movie.
REVIEW: ECLIPSE: It’s all about sex in the third film of the Twilight saga; a welcome improvement in what has to-date been a tediously drawn-out affair.
REVIEW: SEX AND THE CITY 2: Just like the first Sex and the City film, this over-the-top, botox-oozing sequel will be best enjoyed if you’re a fan of the hit television series that it’s based on.